The Second Wave 



Name:  Partholon


Profession:  King, Warrior, Sea-Farer


Origin:  Greece / Mediterranean Islands ?


Father: Seara


Grandfather: Sru


Wife: Delgnat 


Sons: Er, Orba, Fergna, Feron


Daughters:  Aife, Aine, lofty Adnad, Macha, Mucha, Melepard, Glas and Grenach, Auach and Achanach


Druids: Fios (Intelligence) Eolus (Knowledge) Fochmarc (Enquiry)


Lap-dog: Saimher


Associated Sites:   Saimher, in Loch Erne Ben Edar (Howth)

On the fourteenth day of May, Partholon is said to have landed at Kenmare in West Kerry.  He brought with him his wife and their three sons and their wives, and a host of a thousand along with them.  They settled for a while in the land in the middle of the Erne, which they called Saimher after a lap-dog that Partholon had killed out of jealousy of his wife.  

She had an affair with her attendant Todhga and made no apology for it.  Saying: 'O Partholon, is it possible for a woman to be near honey, or a child next to new milk, or a cat smell fresh meat, or a workman see sharp tools, or a man and woman be close in private, without meddling the one with the other?'  and in anger Partholon killed her little dog Saimher.  This is recounted as the first jealousy in Ireland.

Partholon was supposed to have murdered his own father and mother and for this reason a plague was sent on his progeny and his hosts.  This plague took a hold and laid waste to nine thousand of his people in one week at Ben Edar, now called Howth on the east coast of Ireland. 

Stories, Myths and Legends associated with Partholon

Dindshenchas - Teamhair (Tara)




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