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Name: Ceithlenn / Kethleen / Kathleen


Title: 'Of the Crooked Teeth' 


Race: Fomorian


Profession: Queen and Warrior


Husband:  Balor of the Mighty Blows


Daughter:  Ethnea married to Cian Mac Diancecht


Grandson: Lugh Lámhfada 


Great-Grandson:  Cúchulainn


Associated Sites:  Lochlann (Norway), Tory Island off Donegall Coast,

Magh Tuireadh (Moytura, Co. Roscommon)

Ceithlenn was the wife of Balor the great warrior king who was killed at the second battle of Moytura by Lugh Lámhfada, his own grandson, who was son of Cian of the Tuatha De Danann.  

Ceithlenn recognised her grandson on the battlefield at Moytura, and told Balor who it was.  It had been prophesied by one of their druids that Balor would die by the hand of his own grandchild. 

 Therefore they had tried to stop their daughter Ethnea from having children, and when she did bear a child Balor tried to murder him, but Lugh escaped on the waves in a wicker basket and was saved by Biroge, a woman of the Tuatha De Danann, who brought him to be reared by his father Cian, Cian in turn sent him to Tailtiu the Firbolg queen.

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