Kings & Queens

Forgal the Wily


Name:  Forgal / Forgall 'The Wily' / Forgal Manach


Race:  Fomorian


Profession:  King


Associated Site:  Lusk


Uncle: Tethra


Sister: Scenmend the Warrior Woman


Daughters:  1.  Fial (once married to Cairpre Nia Fer 2.  Emer wife of Cúchulainn,


Sons:  Cond    Ibur Seibur Cett 

Forgal was the father of Emer who married Cúchulainn.  He is also the nephew of the underworld faery-king Tethra who fought at the Second Battle of Magh Tuiredh.  Forgal did not want his daughter Emer to marry Cúchulainn and he devised a plot whereby Cúchulainn would go on the dangerous mission to the Island of Scathach (Isle of Skye, Scotland) and gain training with her, for few returned alive from there.

Stories, Myths and Legends associated with Forgal the Wily

The Wooing of Emer

Cúchulainn trains with Scathach

Bricriu's Feast and the War of the Women

The Courting of Emer by Lady Gregory

Scél Muicce Mac Dathó

The Story of Mac Dathó's Pig



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