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Name:  Conaing, Conan


Race:  Fomorian


Origins:  Africa


Father: Febar


Associated Site:  Conaing's Tower, Tory Island


Profession: King Warrior Sea-Farer

Conaing was a Fomorian king at the time of the Nemedian inhabitants of Ireland.  He forced great tributes against the people of Nemed, making them even pay two-thirds of their children born each year as a tax to him.  He built a tower on Tory Island which is now known as Conaing's Tower.  The Fomorians were a great sea-faring race.  Conaing had many ships which he lined up all around Tory Island.

Conaing was killed by three of the children of Nemed because his cruelty went too far and all the Nemedians rose up against him.  But another Fomorian king Morc brought reinforcements from Africa and the Nemedians were routed and defeated most of them left Ireland leaving very few to stay and face the tyranny of the Fomorians.

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