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Eochaid Mac Eirc


Name:  Eochaid / Eochu Mac Eirc / Eochy 


Father:  Eirc


Mother: Dui Dall


Province:  Míde


Race:  The Fir Bolg


Profession:  King Warrior


Associated Sites:  Tara Moytura The Strand of Eothail


Wife: Tailtiu (foster-mother of Lugh)


Son:  Slainge the Fair


Poet:  Fathach

Eochaid Mac Eirc was king of the Fir Bolg at the time of the Tuatha Dé Danann invasion of Ireland.  He takes advice from Fintan The Wise who has been living in Ireland since before the Flood having been in the form of a salmon, an eagle, a hawk and finally a human again.  He is married to Tailtiu who brings him much prosperity with her dowry.

After the First Battle of Moytura in Mayo, Eochaid is slain at the Strand of Eothail along with his son Slainge by Cessarb, Luam and Luachra and after that his tribe retreat to the west to the Aran Islands of Inis Maan, Inis Oirr, and Inis Mór and build great forts there, the remains of which can still be seen today.

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