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Eogan Mac Durthacht


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Name:  Eogan Mac Durthacht


Race:  Celtic


Profession:  King, Warrior


Province: Ulster


Daughter: Lendabair wife of Conall Cernach


Associated Sites: Farney, Co. Monaghan  Emain Macha


King:  Conchobar Mac Nessa


Army:  The Red Branch

Eogan Mac Durthacht was a rival of King Conchobar of Ulster.  He ruled over Fernmag in Co. Monaghan now called Farney.  Conchobar asked his advice about what he should do about Naoise who had eloped with Deirdre his bride-to-be and Eogan concocted a plan whereby they would lure Naoise and his brothers back to Ireland (they had run away to Scotland) and then kill them. 

 They would use the word of the honourable Fergus Mac Roich to achieve their ends.  Thus when the brothers returned they were treacherously murdered by Eogan Mac Durthacht.  This caused a rift in the Red Branch Army and many men left and joined up with other armies around Ireland.

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