Conchobar Mac Nessa

c.1st Century B.C. 


Name: Conchobar Mac Nessa /  Conchubar/ Conachar / Conor.


Province: Ulster / Ulidia / Ultonia


Father:  Cathbad  or Fachtna Fathach


Mother:  Nes daughter of Eochaid Sálbuide 'Yellow-Heel'


Sister: Finchoem married to Amergin 'Iron Jaw'


Related Site: Emain Macha  / Navan Fort


County: Armagh  / Ard Macha 'Macha's Height'


Army:  The Red Branch / An Craobh Rua


Druid: Cathbad also his father


Healer: Fingin


Messenger: Finnched


Fool/Jester: Rocmid 


Chief Advisor: Sencha Mac Ailella 


Chief Courtier:  Blai the Distributor


Poet and Judge: Amergin


Chief Judge:  Morann


Adversaries: Queen Medb of Connaught


Associated Deities: 1. The Goddess Macha, 2. Manannan


Wife:  Ethne Inguba sister of Medb


Sons: Cormac Conloingeas, Cuscraid Menn / Maine, Follamain, Finchad Fer Benn, Fiachna, Fiacha.


Daughter: Fedelm married to Cairpre Nia Fer


Grandsons: 1. Fiachna  2. Erc Mac Cairpre


Half-Sister:  Dechtire mother of Cúchulainn


Weapons:  The Gapped Spear, The Venomous Spear, The Bright Rim Shield 

Conchobar Mac Nessa  was the King of Ulaid (now known as Ulster) and had his seat at Emain Macha in Co. Armagh. 

He ruled over the Ultonians and  had a large army under which the legendary hero Cúchulainn served. 

Fergus Mac Roich a great warrior also served under Conchobar until they had a falling out and he went down to Connaught and hired himself out into the service of Queen Medb.

The men of Ulster were put under a curse by the Goddess Macha generations ago and now each year they were forced to suffer the pains of childbirth at a certain time which incapacitated them so that they could not do anything other than lie in their beds in agony.

Stories, Myths and Legends associated with Conchobar Mac Nessa

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Cúchulainn slays Finnabair


Birth of Cuchulain

Boy Deeds of Cuchulain

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