Kings & Queens

Find Mac Ross

1st Century B.C.

Name: Find

Race: Celtic

Province:  Leinster

Father:  Ross the Red

Mother:  Mata of Muresc

Matrilineal Grandparent:  Mago

Brothers: 1.  Cairpre Nia Fer 2. Ailill

Find, was the son of Ross the Red of the Leinster men, and brother of Ailill King of Connaught who married Queen Medb of Connaught, his other brother was called Cairpre Nia Fer Mac Ross, King of Tara.

He was present at the Battle of Muirthemne when the hero Cúchulainn was killed, and had gone to avenge the death of his brother Cairpre at the hands of Cúchulainn and against the armies of King Conchobar Mac Nessa


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