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Erc Mac Cairpre

1st Century B.C.

Name:  Erc 

Profession:  King of Leinster

Father:  Cairpre Nia Fer

Paternal Grandfather:  Ross

Paternal Grandmother:  Mata of Muresc

Uncles:  Find Mac RossAilill Mac Ross

Erc Mac Cairpre was the king of Leinster during the time of The Cattle Raid of Cooley and The Battle of Muirthemne.  At the same time Medb and Ailill ruled Connaught and King Conchobar ruled Ulster.  He killed Cúchulainn's horse the Gray of Macha with Cúchulainn's own spear.  Historians believe he lived in the first century B.C.

Stories, Myths and Legends associated with Erc Mac Cairpre:

The Battle of Muirthemne


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