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Eochu Fedlech 

1st Century B.C.

Name:  Eochu / Eochaid Fedlech   

Profession:  High King

Father: Finn

Brothers:  Eochaid Airem   Ailill Anglonnach

Sons: Furbaide Three Fair Twins- "Finn Emna" (fought against him at Druim Criadh): Bres, Nar and Lothar

Daughters: Medb  Ethne Inguba Clothra Éle Mugain

Nieces:  Mess Buachalla    Derbrenn  

Grandnephew:  Conaire Mór

Eochu Fedlech was a renowned king who ruled over a great part of Ireland and had allegiances from many tribes.  His brother Eochaid Airem married the fabled Etain, who had been married to the fairy king Midir in a previous incarnation and there is trouble when Midir comes to claim her as his bride and steal her away from Eochaid.

Eochu is also the father of the famous queen of Connaught Medb who herself causes much trouble between Ulster and the rest of Ireland with the battle of the Brown Bull of Cooley against the hero Cúchulainn.

There is much confusion in some of the stories between Eochu Fedlech and his brother Eochaid Airem.  In some stories he is cited as having married Etain but his brother is usually cited more often in this regard.  These tales were compiled many centuries ago so it stands to reason that discrepancies will crop up.

Stories, Myths and Legends associated with Eochu Fedlech

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