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Eochaid Airem

Name:  Eochu / Eochaid Airem 'Of the Plough'/ Eochaid Finn

Profession: High King

Associated Site: Tara

Father:  Finn

Brothers: Eochaid Fedlech  :: Ailill Anglonnach

Wife:  Etain Echraide

Daughters: Etain married Cormac of Ulster  ::  Derbrenn

Grand-daughter: Mess Buachalla 'The Cow-herds One'

Great-Grandson:  Conaire Mór (son of Mess Buachalla)

Niece: Medb of Connaught

Eochaid Airem was so called because he is supposed to have invented the shoulder-yoke for oxen when they go ploughing the land.  Up until his invention which he had copied from the people of the sidhe the men of Ireland had just used a large strap across the foreheads of their oxen for ploughing.

Eochaid married Etain who was kidnapped by Midhir and carried off to a fairy mound because in a previous incarnation she had been his wife.  Eochaid eventually manages to recapture Etain after getting his armies to ransack the fairy mound of Brí Léith home of Midhir.

They have a  grand-daughter Mess Buachalla who in turn gives birth to a future king Conaire Mór.

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