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Conaire Mór

Name: Conaire Mór 'The Great'

Race:  Celtic

Profession: High King

Father:  Bird-God

Foster-Father:  Eterscel High-King of Tara

Fosterers:  Dris   Snithe

Mother:  Mess Buachalla 'The Cowherds' Fosterling'

Maternal Grandmother:  Etain

Maternal Grandfather: Cormac 'Of the Three Gifts'

Great Grandmother: Etain Echraide

Great Grandfather:  Eochaid Airem

Sons:  Le Fri Flaith  Oball  Obline  Corpre Findmor.

Dog: Ossar

Province:  Míde

Associated Sites:  Tara, Co. Meath  Da Derga's Hostel over the River Dodder (near modern Bohernabreena, Dublin)

Associated Deities:  The Bird-God  Medb

  Cupbearers: Uan  Broen  Banna  Delt  Drucht  Dathen

Warriors:  Mac Cecht  Conall Cernach

Judges:  Fergus Ferde Fergus Fordae Domaine Mossud

Harpers: Side Dide Dulothe Deichrinne Caumul Cellgen Ol Olene Olchoi.

Conjurors: Cless Clissine Clessamun

Satirists: Dris Draigen Aittit  ( 'Thorn' 'Bramble' 'Furze' )

Poets: Sui Rodui Fordui

Cooks:  Dagdae and his two fosterlings, Seig and Segdae, the two sons of Rofer Singlespit

Guards:  Bole   Root

Jesters:  Mael Mlithe Admlithe

Conaire Mór was a legendary king who became high king at a young age because he was told to walk the roads of Ireland naked, as it had been foretold that the next high king would be found walking towards Tara naked. 

 His father was a Bird-God who impregnated his mother Mess Buachalla while she was confined in a calf-shed.   Mess Buachalla later married Eterscele the High King of Ireland at that time and then gave birth to Conaire.  Eterscele brought up the child as his own son.

Conaire was put under many geasa (sacred taboos) which he had to obey in order to remain alive.  He eventually broke all the taboos and he met his final fate in Da Derga's Hostel.

Stories, Myths & Legends associated with Conaire Mór

The Destruction of Da Derga's Hostel Foretales

The Destruction of Da Derga's Hostel

The Aftermath of the Destruction of Da Derga's Hostel


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