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 Kings & Queens

Cairpre Mac Ross

c.1st Century B.C.

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Name: Cairpre Nia Fer/ Cairbre 

Province: Míde (now part of modern day Leinster)

Associated Sites: Tara / Teamhair

Wife:  Fial daughter of Forgal the Wily

Father: Ross the Red

Mother: Mata of Muresc

Brothers: Find, Ailill

Sons: Erc

Cairpre  was the son of Ross of Leinster, brother of Ailill who married Medb and was King of Connaught, and brother of Find  who was King of Leinster.  Cairpre was ruler of Tara and was therefore a high-king over the rest of Leinster and Míde (which was a fifth province in those days and corresponds to the northern part of Leinster today)

He was beheaded by the Ulster hero Cúchulainn at the battle of the Cattle Raid of Cooley, and his son Erc set forward to gain vengeance over him in the following years at the Battle of Muirthemne.

Stories, Myths and Legends associated with Cairpre Nia Fer:

The Cattle Raid of Cooley

The Battle of Muirthemne

The Fair of Tailtiu

The Fir Bolg


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