High King

Cairpre Mac Cormac

c.3rd Century A.D.


Name:  Cairpre/ Cairbri/ Cairbre / Lifechair


Profession:  Warrior & High King


Father:  Cormac Mac Art


Mother: Der-Droighen : Eithne Tháebfota (in some accounts)


Grandfather: Art Mac Conn


Sister:  Gráinne


Brother: Dóel


Sons: Eochu Doimlén : Fiachu Sraibthine


County:  Meath


Related Site: Tara/Temhair


Enemies:  Fionn Mac Cumhaill


Battles: The Battle of Gabhra


Goddess:  Morrigan

Cairpre the son of Cormac Mac Art thought that the power of the Fianna had grown too much and threatened his rule. 

He set out to break up the power of the Fianna and kill its leader Fionn Mac Cumhaill. 

He achieved his aims at the battle of Gabhra and after that the Fianna never had the same power.  At the same time Ireland became more vulnerable to outside attack and invasion once more.

Stories and Legends associated with Cairpre Mac Cormaic:

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