Fir-Bolg Goddess



Name:  Carman


Race: Fir Bolg


Sons: Dian Dub Dothur


Associated Sites: Wexford where she is buried


Festival: ”enach Carman 

 Carman is a goddess who has a festival held in her honour every year like Macha and Tailtiu.

She has three sons Dian 'Violent' , Dub 'Black' and Dothur 'Evil'. 

She uses charms and incantations to bring about destruction.  the sons brought it about by violence, dishonesty and plundering. 

They blighted the corn in order to destroy the Tuatha De Danann

But the Tuatha De Danann sang lampoons, witchcraft and spells on them until by their superior magic they drove them across the sea, retaining Carman as hostage. 

She died of grief and her aenach was held at her burial place.


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