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Name:  Ogma / Oghma / Ogham 


Race:  Formorian


Titles: 'Grianainech' ( 'Sunny' or 'Of the Sun')/ Cermait ( Honey-mouth)


Properties:  God of Writing, God of Eloquence


Profession:  Champion, Warrior


Invention: Ogham


Wife:  Etan daughter of Dian Cécht


Father: Elatha


Grandfather: Delbaeth Mac Net


Great-Grandfather: Net


Mother: Eithlinn


Half-Brothers: Dagda : Bres Mac Elatha : Lugh


Niece:  Brigit


Sons:  Cairpre  : Turenn (Delbaeth)


Grandsons:  Brian : IucharIucharba  - sons of Turenn


Granddaughter: Donann


Great-Grandson: Ecne

Oghma is credited with creating the system of writing known as 'Ogham' which the Bards and Aos Dana (the intelligentsia) used to communicate in written form and also in signs - a series of strokes against a straight object such as a nose, arm, leg and they could converse with each other without the knowledge of the uninitiated.

Oghma was killed by Indech the Fomorian at the Battle of Magh Tuiredh.  Oghma by his lineage is Fomorian but he allies himself with the Tuatha De Danann, as does his father Elatha.

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