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Name:  Elcmar / Elcmhaire / Ealcmar / Elcmhar 


Properties:  Lord of Horses 


Race: Tuatha De Danann  


Daughters: Fea and Nemon Englec/Enghi who Angus Óg fell in love with. 


Consorts:  Boand (Goddess of the Boyne River)  


Associated Sites:  Brugh na Boinne (Newgrange)   Cleitech on the South of the Boyne near Newgrange   Findabrach


Associated Deities:  Dagda   Angus Óg

Elcmar was either a husband or a consort of Boand (Eithne) the Boyne River Goddess. 

He lived at Brugh na Boinne with Boand until he was ousted by Angus Mac Óg, Boand's son by the Dagda.  Then he went to live at Cleitech a sidhe mound nearby.

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