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Name:  Bél / Beltane / Belenus / Belenos / Belinu / Belus / Baal / Bal


Properties: Protector of Cattle, Fertility, God of Summer-time, The Flame of Life.


Totem: The Phallus


    Associated Sites:  Hill of Uisnech / Tara, Co. Westmeath 

  Inis Murra, three miles off the Coast of Co. Sligo, where the Bal Fargha is situated a stonework 180 feet in diameter.  


Festival:  Bealtaine / Mayday the first of May 

Bél was one of the prime deities among the Celts of Europe, he was known under many different names but most had the same root: Bel meaning 'power' or 'light'. 

In Ireland he was worshipped at the May festival of Bealtaine which marked the beginning of Summer the 'reign of light' and the closing of Winter 'the reign of darkness/the otherworld'.

The druids of Ireland used to light the first fire of summer on the hill at Uisnech now known as Tara.  From this fire all the other fires of Ireland were lit.  Bealtaine marked the beginning of fresh projects and new ventures.  The doors to the otherworld were considered to be open at this time of year, just as they were at Samhain.

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