Celtic God 

Aongas Óg


Name:   Aongas-Og, (Aongas the Young)/ Aengus Óg/ Oenghus / Angus Mac Ind Oc 


Properties:  God of Love


Race:  The Tuatha Dé Danann


Father:   Dagda, Father God of The Celts.


Mother:   Boand, the Boyne river Goddess.


Foster Father:  Midhir of Brí Léith


Half-Brothers: Bodb Dearg 

  Cermat Coem 

Midhir (also his foster father)  

Finnbheara Aed


Consorts:  Caer Ibormeith (Yew-Berry) Derbrenn daughter of Eochaid Airem  



Son: Nemanach


Foster Son:  Diarmuid O'Duibhne


Grand-daughter: Dechtire


Associated Sites:  Brugh Na Boinne / Newgrange

Head Stewart:  Roc Diocain


Friends: Ailill and Medb of Connaught


Associated Herbs: Love : Balm Catnip Chamomile 

Chickweed Coltsfoot  Dog-Rose  

Lady's Mantle Lavender 

Mallow Meadowsweet Mistletoe


Sword: The Mór Alltach 'The Big Fierce One'

 Aongas-Og was the child of Dagda and Boand. Boand was the wife of Elcmar and they were supposedly the first inhabitants of the mystic mound Newgrange. Dagda gained access to Newgrange by sending Elcmar on a day-long errand, which stretched to nine months due to Dagda's magical mastery over time. While Elcmar was absent, Dadga seduced his wife Boand who conceived and bore their son Aongas also known as Aongas the Young because he was conceived and born on the same day.  Aongas later came to take the Brugh from Elcmar aided by his father the Dagda.

He fostered Diarmuid Ui Duibhne when his father Donn was banished from the Fianna and took him to Brugh Na Boinne to rear as his own.  He also reared a son of his steward's whose mother was Crochnuit therefore he was a half-brother of Diarmuid.  He protected Diarmuid when he was on the run from Fionn and the Fianna after the elopement with Gráinne.

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