Celtic Goddess


Name: Flidais / Fliethas

Titles:  Foltchaoin 'Soft-haired': 'Mistress of the Stags'

PropertiesGoddess of Wild Animals / Sexual Passion & Lust

Husbands:  Adammair : Ailill Fionn  

Consort:  Fergus Mac Roich ( Son of the Great Horse)

Son: Nia Seaghamain 'Warrior of Deer Treasure'

Daughters:  Fand  Argoen Be Chuille Dinand Be Theite

Prize Cow: Maol 'the Hornless'

Associated Herbs:  Lust: Mistletoe

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Image of Flidais by John Duncan 19th C.


Flidais is the Goddess of Wild Beasts and owns a herd of supernatural cattle. 

She is also a sexually potent being, as her consort Fergus needs seven ordinary women to satisfy his needs whenever Flidais is not there to satisfy him. 

Flidais is ruler of the beasts of the forest and is drawn along in a chariot pulled by a deer.

Flidais was the wife of Ailill Fionn when Bricriu the troublemaker from Ulster, persuades Fergus to woo her, Ailill Fionn battles with Fergus and his men but is slain. 

Flidais then stays with Fergus bringing her herd of magical cattle to Ulster.  The most famed of her cows was called Maol and this cow gave so much milk that she could nourish three hundred men and their  families in a day.


Stories, Myths and Legends associated with Flidais


The Story of the Tuatha De Danann


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