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Name:  Eithne / Boand / Boann


PropertiesGoddess of the River Boyne / Inspiration 


Race:  Tuatha Dé Danann


Father: Delbaeth


Sister:  Befind


Husband: Nechtán Lord of the Well.


Consorts:   Eochaid Ollathair (The Dagda),    Elcmar 'Lord of Horses'


Son:  Aongas Óg


Nephew: Fraech who loved Finnabair daughter of Medb


Dog:  Dabilla


Associated Sites:  Brugh Na Boinne  (Newgrange) The Well of Segais   River Boyne

Eithne or Boand as she came to be called by the Celts was a member of the Tuatha Dé Danann and was consort  to Elcmar after she left her first husband Nechtán. 

They lived at Brugh Na Boinne now called Newgrange.  Eithne had an affair with Eochaid Ollathair King of Uisnech, later known as the Dagda (Good God) and because of his magic she conceived and bore Aengus Mac Óg on the same day (which he had magically stretched into nine months). 

 Aengus was sent to be fostered by Midhir of Brí Léith.  Eventually Aengus returned and again through trickery managed to acquire Brugh na Boinne as his home.  Elcmar and his retinue had to move to Cleitech  nearby.  The legend of "The Wooing of Étaín" gives the details of these events.

Boand gets her name from her relationship to the River Boyne, whose waters she set free against the wishes of her husband Nechtán son of Labraid.  "How the Boyne was born" tells this story. 

She could not withstand the power of the waters she released and was drowned as a result in one version of the tale, in another version she is wounded in her eye, her arm and her foot.

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