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Name:  Badbh / Badb

PropertiesGoddess of Battle / Battle-Crow

Type:  Triune

Associated Sites:  All Battlefields   Magh Tuiredh (Moytura)

Associated Deities:  Fea Nemon Morrigan

Badbh is the Goddess of Battles, she appears in the form of a black crow to incite and encourage the warriors to blood-thirsty acts.  She is the sister Goddess of Fea, and Nemon who together make up the Triple Goddess Morrigan.

Stories, Myths and Legends associated with Badbh

The Second Battle of Magh Tuiredh

Bres Mac Elatha and the Tuatha De Danann

The Story of the Tuatha De Danann

Death Tales of the Tuatha De Danann


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image: the crows by Arthur Rackham 19th century artist.