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Name:  Fann / Fand


Race:  Tuatha De Danann


Profession:  Fairy Queen


Father:  Aed Abrat


Mother: Flidais


Sister:  Liban


Brother:  Angus


Husband:  Manannan Mac Lír


Consort:  Cúchulainn


Associated Sites:  Mag Muirthemne   Mag Fidga   Mag Mell

Fann was married to Manannan Mac Lír but they had a falling out, and she set her sights on the warrior Cúchulainn, who she visited in a dream and laid him low, so that he had to seek her out to be cured.  Emer, Cúchulainn's wife becomes very jealous at this affair and herself and her fifty female attendants seek out Fann to confront her and to win Cúchulainn back.

Fann decides to leave Cúchulainn to Emer, and with that her own husband Manannan hearing of her troubles comes out from his watery kingdom to protect her and reclaim her as his wife.  Manannan casts his cloak between them so that Fann and Cúchulainn would remain separated from each other forever.  All the druids of Emain Macha cast a spell of forgetfulness on all concerned so that they forget that the event ever happened. 

Stories, Myths & Legends associated with Fann

The Wasting Sickness of Cúchulainn



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