Finn Bheara


Name:  Finnbheara Finnbarr Finn Bheara Fionnbhar 


Race:  Tuatha Dé Danann


Properties:  Protector of Horses and Crops


Profession:  Fairy King


Father: Dagda


Half-Brother: Aengus Óg


Wife: Úna


Associated Sites:  Cnoc Meadha (Knockmaa), Tuam, Co. Galway

Finnbheara was the king of the fairies of Cnoc Meadha west of Tuam in Co. Galway.  He was married to Úna the fairy queen of Knocksheogowna.  He had a liking for mortal women and would abduct them to his fairy mound, the most famous of these being called Eithne.  Each year he would have a battle with the fairies of Ulster and if he won the crops would be good in Connaught and if he lost the crops failed.

He was interested in horses and horse-racing and it is said he helped many a horse to win in a race by lending one of his jockeys to the owner.

Stories, Myths and Legends Associated with Finn Bheara


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