Cluricaunes are a type of otherworldly creature similar to the Leprechaun, they have usually been seen sitting by the hearth of a fire and are always described as wearing a red jacket and a green high cap with a feather sticking in it.  They are small in stature and  usually appear as wizened old men.  They can do mischief, grant wishes and poke fun at humankind.  Often confused with the other solitary fairies known as Lepracauns or the Fear Dearg they prefer to be indoors and do not like to do any physical labour.  They like any kind of alcoholic beverage and can be found in the cellar's of rich men, helping themselves to whatever they fancy of wine and whiskey.

Stories, Myths and Legends about the Cluricaunes

The Three Wishes

Paddy O'Byrne in the Devil's Glen

Mary's Cluricaune

The Haunted Cellar

The Little Shoe

Master and Man

Seeing is Believing



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