The Banshee

The Banshee was a fairy-woman who traditionally was a portend of death for certain families of Celtic descent.  She appeared as a either a small shriveled old woman or else as a beautiful maiden with long flaxen hair which she constantly combed while keening loudly in an otherworldly voice.  She is always seen alone and in a melancholy mood when found near the doomed person's home.  Some people believed that the banshee was a ghost of a person who had suffered violence from some member of the family.  She repeats her keen from a particular place while announcing the approach of death to his descendants.

Others believe that she is a friendly spirit offering forewarning and guidance to the family.  However it is not certain whether she is a friend or an enemy to the chosen family to whom her warning is conveyed.  Her cry often comes from a spring, river or lake with which her name is connected.

The word Banshee comes from the Gaelic - Bean Sidhe - Fairy Woman/ Woman of the Mounds.

Stories, Myths and Legends about The Banshee

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