LATIN NAME : Viscum album.

COMMON / FOLK NAMES : All-Heal Birdlime Devil's Fuge Donnerbesen Golden Bough Holy Wood Lignam Sanctae Crucis Misseltoe Thunderbesem Witches Broom Wood of the Cross

MEDICINAL PART : Plant Berries

PLACES OF ORIGIN : Ireland Europe Northern Asia

HABITAT : Found growing on mature trees.

DESCRIPTION : European Mistletoe is an evergreen, semi-parasitic plant found on the branches of deciduous trees. Roots growing from the yellow-green, forked stem penetrate through the bark into the wood of the host. The leaves are opposite, leathery, yellow-green, and normally obovate.

FLOWERING PERIODS : Pale yellow or green flowers appear from March to May, the female developing into sticky white berries which ripen from September to November.

PROPERTIES : Cardiac Diuretic Stimulant Vasodilator

USES : European Mistletoe acts on the circulatory system, first raising blood pressure and then lowering it below the initial level and speeding up the pulse. At times in the past, it has been used for arteriosclerosis. It also
stimulates glandular activity related to digestion, relieving many diverse problems traceable to faulty digestive processes. The tea can be used as a wash for chilblains and leg ulcers and made into a compress for varicose

CAUTION -: Large doses have a detrimental effect on heart action. Also, eating the berries can be dangerous, especially for children.

Preparation : Use with care, preferably under medical direction.


GENDER : Masculine.
DEITIES : Brigit Flidais Macha Aengus Mac Óg Dagda Manannan Mac Lír
POWERS : Protection Love Hunting Fertility Health Exorcism

As is well known, the druids revered the mistletoe, especially when found growing on an oak. It was ( and still is) cut on Midsummer's day, or else when the Moon is six days old. One stroke of a gold sickle was used to cut the herb, and it wasn't allowed to touch the ground.

Call on Brigit when using for health and fertility

Call on Flidais when using for passion and lust, also for hunting

Call on Macha for fertile crops and livestock

Call on Aengus Mac Óg for love rituals

Call on Dagda and Manannan for protection and exorcism.


Long used for protection against lightning, disease, misfortune of every kind, fires and so on, it is carried or placed in an appropriate spot for these uses. The leaves and berries are used. Mistletoe is placed in cradles to protect children from being stolen by fairies and replaced with changelings.
A ring carved of mistletoe wood will ward off sicknesses when worn and the plant will cure fresh wounds quickly when carried (do not apply to the wound).
Mistletoe is also carried or worn for good luck in hunting, and women carry the herb to aid in conception. It has also been utilised in spells designed to capture that elusive state of immortality, and to open locks.
Laid near the bedroom door, mistletoe gives restful sleep and beautiful dreams, as it does when placed beneath the pillow or hung at the headboard.
Kiss your love beneath mistletoe and you'll stay in love. Burned, mistletoe banishes evil. Wear it around your neck to attain invisibility. Mistletoe is an all-purpose herb.


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