LATIN NAME : Linum usitatissimum.

COMMON / FOLK NAMES : Common Flax Flax Seed Linseed Lint Bells Winterlien


PLACES OF ORIGIN : Ireland Europe

HABITAT : Cultivated in Ireland, the U.S., Canada and Europe. Also found growing wild along roadsides and on waste ground.

DESCRIPTION : The erect, slender, glabrous stem has few branches and bears alternate, sessile, simple, entire, lanceolate to oblong leaves. Each branch has one or two blue or violet-blue, five-petaled flowers. The fruit is an 8- to 10-seeded capsule; the seeds are smooth, flattened, shiny, and light brown.

FLOWERING PERIOD : From June to August.

PROPERTIES : Demulcent Emollient Purgative

USES : A decoction of the seeds can be used for coughs, catarrh, lung and chest problems, and digestive and urinary disorders. To eliminate gallstones, take 1.5 to 2 tbsp. linseed oil and lie down on your left side for a half hour. The gallstones will pass into the intestines and be eliminated from there. Eating the seed intact is useful for constipation. The seeds swell up in the intestines, encouraging elimination by increasing the volume of fecal mater. For emollient uses and for rheumatic complaints, make a Linseed poultice as described below.

Flax has been cultivated since Prehistoric times. Irish Linen was made from a mix of Flax and Hemp (Cannabis) for at least 1500 years. This superior quality of Linen, Which was known to last for hundreds of years, created a demand for Irish Linen which was manely produced by the Irish People during the christian/english occupation. At the turn of the 20 century the Irish Linen Industry was a growing industry bring money into the overtaxed areas of Ireland. (It would be wrong to call them poor areas, as like today, the only reason these people were poor was because they were being taxed to the hilt to provide a few individuals (christian high-arkie Pope, Cardinal, Bishops,etc & English royalty) with a luxurious lifestyle. Today it is the 1000 or so Bankers who hold every government, business, and person in debt. Paying taxes for there gain.) The christian/English occupiers, ever ready to take money away from these areas, made Hemp (Cannabis) illegal in Ireland there by forcing the Irish Linen industry to use a combination of Flax and Cotton (imported from English Plantations) producing a inferior quality product and the Irish Linen Industry was dead within a few years as there customers could get the same quality of Linen close by. This form of industry killing was incorporated by the oil companies in the 1930 to remove there only competition. Bio-fuels made from Hemp (Cannabis), and there Profits are still being looked after, as 70 years later  these Laws are still in place and billions of our tax revenue is being spent to keep them in place.

Preparation and Dosage : Use only ripe Seeds.

Caution -: Immature seed pods can cause poisoning.


GENDER : Masculine
PLANET : Mercury
DEITIES : Áine Etain
POWERS : Money Protection Beauty Psychic Powers Healing

Call on the goddess Áine while using for the purposes of Healing, Protection, Beauty and Prosperity.

Call on Etain to appear beautiful to others.


Flax seeds are used in money spells. A few can be placed in the pocket, wallet or purse, or a jar should be placed on the alter and a few coins, plus some flax seed added. This should be repeated each day to attract money. A bit of Flax in the shoe wards off poverty.

The blue flax flowers are worn as a protection against sorcery. To protect yourself while asleep, mix equal parts Flax seed and mustard seed and place this mixture next to your bed. On the other side of the bed place a pan of cold water. You will be guarded during your slumber. Alternatively, a combination of red pepper and flax seed, kept in a box somewhere in the house, prevents evil from entering.

To ensure that your child grows up to be a beautiful or handsome adult, let him or her dance among growing Flax at the age of seven years.

Sprinkle the alter with Flax seed while performing healing rituals, or include it in healing mixtures. to help cure lumbago, tie a hank of Flax around the loins.

If you suffer from dizziness run naked, after sunset, three times through a field of Flax. While you do this the Flax will take to itself your dizziness and you'll be cured. a rather drastic cure


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