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flowering: June - Sept.

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LATIN NAME : Rubus villosus.

COMMON / FOLK NAMES : Bramble, Cloudberry, Dewberry, Goutberry, High Blackberry, Thimbleberry, Bly, Bramble-kite, Bumble-kite.

MEDICINAL PART : Roots, Leaves.

DESCRIPTION : Blackberry is a trailing perennial plant that grows in dry or sandy soils. The slender branches feature sharp, recurved prickles. The leaves are finely hairy or almost glabrous and pinnate with 3 to 5 leaflets. The leaflets are ovate and doubly serrate. The upper leaves are sometimes simple and palmately lobed.

FLOWERING PERIOD : The white, five-petaled flowers appear from June to September. The fruit is an aggregate of black druplets collectively called the Blackberry.

PROPERTIES : Astringent, Tonic.

USES : Blackberry leaves and roots are a long standing home remedy for diarrhoea. Prolonged use of the tea is also beneficial for enteritis, chronic appendicitis, and leucorrhoea. It is said to have expectorant properties as well. A tea made from the dried root can be used for dropsy. The chewing of the leaves for bleeding gums goes back 2000 years.


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blackberry and hawthorn


GENDER : Feminine.

PLANET : Venus.

ELEMENT : Water.

DEITY : Brigit. Áine




OGHAM LETTER : M - muin/vine



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blackberry vine and new leaf growth


Blackberry was considered to be sacred to the Pagan deities of Europe, and was widely used in worship.


A bramble bush that forms a natural arch is a great aid to magical healing.

On a sunny day, crawl through the arch backwards and then forward three times, going as nearly east to west as possible. This will cause boils, rheumatism, whooping cough and even blackheads to disappear.

The blackberry leaves are used in spells of wealth, as are the berries themselves, and the vines are protective if grown. 

The blackberry plant is also used to heal scalds by dipping nine blackberry leaves in spring water and then laying them against the wound gently, while saying the chant three times to each leaf (27 times in all)
Three ladies came from the east.
One with fire and two with frost.
Out with fire, in with frost.

This is an old invocation to Brigit , the Celtic Goddess of poetry, healing and Smithcraft.


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