Gold Jewelry 

The Early Bronze Age c.2500 - 1200 B.C.

Sun discs

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These so called "sun discs" have been found at various sites usually in pairs.   They are small circular shapes with designs embossed in them.  A pair were found in Tedavnet, Co. Monaghan.  These had simple decorations hammered up from the back known as repoussť work, and are 11cm in diameter.

The designs are usually of a cross shape surrounded by a circle or of concentric patterns of plain lines, and also zigzags very similar to the design work on the gold lunulae from a similar time period.  There are usually two small perforations at the centre of these discs which would suggest that they were somehow attached to a piece of clothing for example as a decorative brooch or as an ornamental button.

The finds are usually of a chance nature and there are hardly any proper records of when and where they were found but about twenty discs are known of at the present time.   Archaeologists believe that there were trade links between Iberia (modern day Spain) and Ireland as two discs found in Roscommon are similar to a pair from Oviedo in Spain.

They range in size from 1cm to 12cm in diameter.

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